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Made with ORGANIC black tea, Spring Water, Cane Syrup, and Probiotic Cultures. Great for

Acid Reflux.

Amãre Probiotics

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After graduating from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England with a BsC in Biomedical Science and then a PgC in Medical Microbiology from the University of Surrey in Guildford, England. Dominique had always imagined herself in a laboratory and maybe even owning one. However, coming back to Trinidad and realizing  that things are not as efficient as they were in the UK, she started thinking about having an alternate career plan. This began with starting up a babysitting agency, then becoming a science tutor. In 2015, when Jonathan came up with the idea to make water kefir as a side project, after two years of convincing  Dominique, she took the concept completely to heart and turned Amare Probiotics into what it is today.  

What are lacto-fermented foods?

Why do we need lacto-fermented foods?

Who can have lacto-fermented foods?

How much lacto-fermented foods do I need?

When is the best time to have lacto-fermented foods?

What are symptoms of "die off" reactions?

You can pick up your order from our office at 84B Saddle Road, Maraval.

Open Monday-Friday 9am until  2pm

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